fundraising at the loading dock

our goal

Let us put the fun in fundraising! We want to help you raise money for a good cause. We have the venue, we have the staff, we have the time. We are event planning experts and this is an easy way for us to contribute to our community.

what we give

1. The Old Boatworks Venue
2. Staffing for up to 200 guests for 4 hours
3. Set up and clean up
4. Use of our equipment
5. Beer and wine at our cost
6. Food at our cost
7. Event planning expertise
8. Dock Salsa for everyone!

As far as the venue goes, you will be responsible for entertainment and d├ęcor. We are happy to make recommendations. Depending on your plans, you may also need to rent additional equipment, but we can assist with that too.

what we get

We have an opportunity to help our community while doing what we we do best. Our experience proves that good will earns us new friends who will ensure the continued success of The Loading Dock for years to come.

the fine print

Your organization provides us with a proposal which includes the following:
1. Mission statement
2. Event fundraising goal minimum of $50,000
3. Description of how funds will be allocated to support your mission
4. 501(c)3 certification
5. Board of Directors / Committee Roster
6. Annual Report
7. History of donors and demonstrated fundraising ability

We hope you will consider partnering with us!

To make a reservation, please contact our event coordinator:

Afton Hughes